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Preserved Lemons

By 30th May 2020 June 16th, 2020 No Comments

Today we are talking about Preserved Lemons.
Lemons are in season right now and being able to preserve them will not only give you access to that wonderful intense citrus flavour all year round, but it will also save you money. I would always have a bottle of preserved lemons in the Fridge or Larder as the flavour that they have is so good, it can bring any dish especially slowed cooked Lamb to another level.

Preserving lemons is easy.

Preserved Lemons

Take 6 lemons
1 cup rock salt
1 medium jar

Cut the lemons from top to bottom into 8 segments stopping before you slice through the bottom of the lemon. Helping to keep the lemon together.

Start by sprinkling some salt into the bottom of a sterilized jar, then start to fill the jar with lemons. Pressing down each time to release the juice. Sprinkle with salt at each layer of lemons until you reach the top. Once the lemons have reached the top of jar press down firmly and try to add another layer of lemon. Even if you have to cut a lemon in half.

Finish with salt.

The end result should be the lemons totally submerged in both salt and lemon juice.

Seal and store for 6 months if you can before trying it.