The “School lunch Box”

By 9th March 2018 October 7th, 2019 No Comments

The lunch box can really challenge some parents so we quite often tend to put the same things in pretty much every day, I had a bit of a think on this and thought I really wouldn’t want the same sandwich every day for lunch I want some variety! bearing in mind most parents don’t have a huge amount of time, but get the kids involved too! This week I have listed a couple of ideas that are relatively simple, healthy (to keep those young minds active) using good seasonal produce!


Sweet, juicy, cheap at the moment and delicious, so easy to steam a cobb or two etc at night from dinner preparation

Corn fritters these could be cooked the night before and everyone can enjoy them the next day

Quick corn chowder why not make a big pot and freeze some, perfect for a quick easy meal if you have a long day!

Stuffed Cucumbers

A telegraph cucumber is perfect for this, they are lovely and crunchy and at a good price!

Take your cucumber and cut into quarters, cut each quarter in half lengthways and scoop the seeds out and discard

You will be left with a perfect scooped out vessel ready for whatever you would like to fill it with

Whip some avocado with a touch of lemon juice, salt and pepper, pack it in well.

Why not use one of my “Good from Scratch” dips the Roasted almond and Butternut is delicious! And available at your local supermarket.

Use leftover rice from dinner the night before, add a touch of tamari soy sauce or some pickled ginger.

There are many ideas and using leftovers is a great way of not wasting food, after all, we pay a lot of money for our food.