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Get your barbecue smokin

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Summer is here. The sun is shining, the heat has been turned up, the days are getting longer and that means one thing BBQ season! Lets run through a couple of steps to getting ready to roast those bangers in the sun.

Step one:

Choose the right BBQ for you:
Charcoal or Gas.

Charcoal Green egg, Webber or a piece of corrugated iron it’s really up to your budget. I have a Webber and I love it, cooking over coals takes a bit more of an effort, but the reward is smokey goodness.
As you need to use coals to cook with it’s generally more expensive, I have a found the heat bead brand the best, however most expensive. Enough coals for a chicken will cost around $8, but it’s worth it!

Gas Generally BBQ’s are more expensive to purchase but they are quick and easy to use, and have the advantage of consistency, same piece of meat at the same temperature, and is consistent.
Plus they are just easier to use, light and cook.

Getting the BBQ ready for summer

Light it up and get it hot, burn the cob webs out!

Use a lemon to clean down the grill, the acid in the lemon lifts the rust and mould and leaves a nice flavour. Wipe with lemon then rub with a paper towel with a little oil on it.

Go out and buy a new set of tools

I find those expensive BBQ sets a waste of money! they are generally made of shit steel and rust out after a week. Just go to a hardware shop and buy a paint scraper with a wooden handle, a good pair of tongs and a wire brush.

Buy a new cookbook

We all can get caught in a banger and steak menu. But a new BBQ cookbook can open up that BBQ to a whole new world of culinary delights.

Things like, Charred broccoli with almonds, slow cooked pork shoulder, beef brisket and yoghurt marinated chicken thighs are enough to get everyone over for an afternoon of fun and good food!