Fish & Mike’s BBQ Batter

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After spending the last 3 days on a fishing boat fishing cruising around D’Urville island.
It’s a hard life I know.
I felt it best to talk about fish! More importantly, what’s something different we can do with this wonderful N.Z resource.

I just love cooking fish, but it’s expensive so we want to ensure we don’t mess it up.
So here are a couple tips.

Always cook fish quickly, fish loves heat. It not like meat which has strong connective tissues. Season the fish before placing into the pan, but don’t do it to early otherwise the salt will draw out the moisture.

– Oil the fish not the pan before cooking

– When you see the protein milk coming from the side of the cooking fish it’s over cooking!

– Leave the skin on! Just scale it and cook it skin side down. Crispy skin is amazing

Here are a couple ideas on how to cook your fish.

I just love a good battered fish but it’s not so good for you, plus not everyone has a deep fryer at home. So I cook mine on the BBQ, odd I know!

Mike’s BBQ Batter

  • 2 cups soda water or beer
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup plain flour (rice flour can be used)
  • Salt and white pepper
  • Touch of lemon juice to flavour

Combine the ingredients and whisk to a smooth batter, the batter should be runny but not watery

Take your fish fillets and run through the batter and then onto a preheated and lightly oiled BBQ flat plate.

Cook until golden on each side.
If it’s a bigger piece you may have to just finish the cooking in a oven to ensure the fish is cooked.

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