Corn, beautiful corn

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Corn has to be one of my most favourite vegetables! It’s easy to cook, looks the part and boy its flavour is just amazing!

In grain form, maize is the staple diet for American Indians in Mexico, Peru and Southern North America. A sweet version of maize was developed, resulting in the name sweet corn, and it became a popular fresh vegetable in the 1960s. Several varieties are available; some with white kernels and others with a mix of yellow and white kernels. Varieties differ in sweetness, and recently super-sweet varieties have become available.

How to prepare

Boil – Remove the husks and tassels, to either boil with a touch of sugar NOT salt, and bring to the boil. By the time the water has come back to the boil the corn is ready.

Wrap in tin foil – Remove the husk and sprinkle in a touch of sugar and a little water and bake on 180 for 15 minutes

Microwave – Leave the husks on and depending on your microwave each cob will take 2-3 minutes

BBQ –  leave the husks on and BBQ for 2-3 minutes, turning often till coloured

What to make!

Sweet corn fritters
Bbq corn before slicing of the kernels, mixing with egg, red onion, spring onion, touch of chilli powder. Flour and a touch of baking powder to rise.

Sweetcorn salsa
Bbq corn kernels, mixed with jalapeño, coriander, fresh lime, touch of olive oil

Mexican corn on the cob
Spice up the bbq corn with lime, coriander and touch of chili mixed through some butter

Corn chowder (the no 1 corn googled recipe)
Melt butter, with onion, garlic, celery, potato, milk, vegetable stock, corn.
add smoked fish, bacon or cheddar

Creamed corn! my favourite
Two cobs, slice off kernels, and cook with butter, onion and nutmeg