Thanks for enquiring about the Good From Scratch Book Tour!

I’m on a mission…to make sure Kiwi kids know what’s in their food and most importantly how to cook. In a new initiative, that includes the launch of my latest cookbook written specifically for children, The Good From Scratch Kids Cookbook, I’m hitting the road in my trusty Skoda and touring New Zealand targeting schools and other community groups linked with children.

Brought to you by ecostore!

I’m very excited because I’ve teamed up with New Zealand company ecostore and will be taking my demos to schools and community groups all over the country, opening children’s eyes to how fun cooking can be, while speaking about the importance of healthy food.


As the event organisers, it is your choice if you’d like to make the event free for your community, or a ticketed event as a fundraiser. Any profit from ticket sales will remain with your organisation.

If you are fundraisers, we can help you connect with ecostore to take advantage of their fundraising soaps. $1 from every soap sold will go towards your cause.

As an added bonus, one lucky school that participates will go into the draw to win a free ecostore ‘Soap for Good’ starter pack for free, meaning 100% of the sales will go towards your fundraising efforts!

Mike’s New Cookbook for Kids!

Books will be available to buy at the events and also available at Whitcoulls, Paper Plus, The Warehouse and online here. Profit from book sales on the night will remain with Michael Van de Elzen.

Thanks for your interest – the tour events have now been allocated.